ICARUS is a veteran-led mental health treatment charity. We provide therapy, counselling and help for the range of difficulties and problems which often evolve from trauma, PTSD or other commonly related conditions, such as anger-management, excessive alcohol use and drug abuse. We are open to all the uniformed services, whether in the Army, Navy or the Air Force.

Treatment for veterans is FREE of charge, regardless of rank, unit, service record or age. We also treat serving personnel. If you would like to speak to us please call the number on the Home page or Click to Call icon. Alternatively, go to the Get in Touch page and send us an email. All calls and enquiries are conducted in complete privacy. We understand the immediacy. You will be contacted and seen within 24 hours.

All our sessions are online, using applications such as Zoom or Skype. Virtual treatment allows us to be more flexible with times and availability.

When you contact us, you will be asked to complete an Intake Form with some basic details and then you will be assigned a therapist. At ICARUS we believe in offering a flexible course of treatment, and actual therapies may vary from session to session, depending on individual responses or any different problems which might arise at the time of treatment. Your course of treatment will continue until recovery, there is no set time limit. After your treatment we are able to offer a continuing care programme which may contain on-going counselling with a qualified councillor, or perhaps support from one of our mentors, who are available to speak about practical matters.

We are part of the larger military and service family. We speak the same language with many of us having experienced similar problems and struggled with our own difficulties. We are here to help. You are not alone. We understand.